The Use of BMP-2 and Chitosan for Bone Regeneration


One of the greatest challenges for implant dentistry is the treatment of big resorption cases. Professor Bränemark developed techniques such as iliac bone grafts or zygomatic implants for solving this cases, however some of this techniques can be very invasive and traumatic for the patients. A treatment alternative for this cases might be the use of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs).
An essential requirement for the use of BMPs is the use of a carrier. This presentation will show studies done with BMP2 using Chitosan as a carrier. This complex of CHITOSAN-BMP2 has film formation capacity and can be used for implant and biomaterial coating.
Using the film of Chitosan as a carrier has the advantage of fiscally holding the BMPs, releasing them when it degrades, allowing us to control the exact dose that we are administrating and its releasing time.

Curriculum Vitae

Ramón Martínez Corriá, Spain

-1978: Medical degree (University of Navarra, Spain)
-1980: Specialty in Stomatology (University Complutense of   Madrid,Spain)
-1982: Specialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (University Autonoma   of Madrid, Spain)
-1984: Certificate in Osseointegration (University of Gothenburg)
-Member of the Tissue Engineering research group of the University  Complutense of  Madrid
-Member of the Spanish Association of Implants and periodontology.
-Faculty member of the International University of Catalunya and European University of  Madrid.