Outcome of implant treatment in the Esthetic zone


A tight connection between the brain and the hand is a prerequisite for successful treatment.
Carefull analyse of the needs, expectations of the patient associate with a precise case analyse will allow the practitioner to successfully treat esthetic casses.
At the base of pyramid of success is hard tissue manipulation, above which is soft tissue manipulation than on top, precision.
Different treatment options will be presented with long term results, simplification, rationalization, and precision being the ultimate objectives. Lessons have to be taken from our long term results in order to be able to optimise esthetic implant treatment being able to use modern technology but also not forgetting Mother Nature.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Patrick Palacci, France

Dr Patrick Palacci obtained his DDS degree at Marseille University, Marseilles, France, in 1975.
He continued his post-graduate education in periodontology at Boston University from 1977 to 1981.
He was appointed as a visiting professor in 1982 at Boston University.
Dr Palacci is a private practitioner in Marseilles and is at the head of Brånemark Osseointegration Center in Marseille and worked in very tight relationship with Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark for many years.
He developed several techniques in relation with optimal implant positioning, papilla regeneration technique and esthetic implant dentistry.
He is the author of numerous scientific articles and textbooks .
Dr Palacci presently conducts a number of courses in his private clinic and is currently invited as a speaker to scientific meetings all around the world