Branemark's Legacy - The Future of Implant Dentistry


From that first extraordinary leap of imagination taken by Professor Branemark more than 65 years ago, implant dentistry has continued to evolve, and has spawned a multi-billion-dollar industry. Massive investment together with extensive research and development in all aspects of osseointegration along with advances in technology, materials and biomedical science have made recent years particularly exciting, and holds great promise for the future. This presentation will reflect upon past and present challenges, and offer an insight into what might lie ahead, and the impact of future advances upon patients and the dental profession alike.

Curriculum Vitae

MRD RCS(Eng.) MSc BDS(Lon.)
Specialist in Periodontics and Prosthodontics

Andrew devotes his time to implant dentistry at the Dawood and Tanner Specialist Dental Practice, and research and development in digital dentistry, specialist implant design and in 3D imaging and 3D printing. As an Honorary Consultant at University College Hospital London, The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and Moorefield’s Eye Hospital, Andrew works with patients who have undergone extensive resection or trauma. With a 25 year experience in implant dentistry Andrew has developed several new approaches to treatment, innovative implant designs, and digital processes.

Utilising the latest technology to plan and implement both simple and advanced reconstructions, working in close conjunction with GDP’s, other specialists and laboratory technicians, Andrew particularly enjoys the collaborative aspects of treatment, helping the general dental practitioner to bring the benefits of implant treatments to their patients and their working life. Andrew has a particular interest in the implant rehabilitation of patients who have atrophic jaws; particularly those who have suffered implant failure with extensive bone loss.

Andrew has a passion for technology and ceramics. He is the Clinical Director of - an independent CBCT imaging centre and medical modelling facility, and the founder of a 3D printing service and CAD studio, working with industrial designers, architects and artists. He is a recreational potter