Bioengineering Advanced Prosthetic Solutions


In “A Matter of Balance” Prof. Brånemark shared his vision to improve the quality of life for those with congenital and acquired defects, and his journey from Lund to GÖteborg towards the discovery of Osseointegration. The book also revealed the resistance and even personal attacks from the dental community that he had to endure for disrupting an industry This talk reports our multi-disciplinary research programs to develop, and the intense efforts ahead to develop fully retrievable cementless implant abutments to reduce implant complications, and custom 3D Printing technology and specialized inks to enable full color, anatomically-accurate facial prostheses that balance advanced bioengineering with holistic therapy via the involvement of the patient during design of prosthesis esthetics via digital artistry.

Curriculum Vitae

Benjamin Wu, USA

Prof. Ben Wu, DDS PhD is currently Professor and Chairman of Division of Advanced Prosthodontics in the UCLA School of Dentistry, Chairman of the Section of Biomaterials Sciences, Director of the Weintraub Center for Reconstructive Biotechnology, and Executive Director of the UCLA Wireless Health Institute. He holds official faculty appointment in the Departments of Dentistry, Bioengineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Wu obtained his DDS training from UOP, Prosthodontics certificate from Harvard, and completed his Ph.D. dissertation in Materials Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where developed 3D Printing an published the first papers on 3D printing of drug delivery devices and tissue engineering scaffolds.. He is Past Chairman of the Department of Bioengineering in the UCLA School of Engineering, and is currently leading the School of Dentistry’s large scale conversion towards digital dentistry. Prof. Wu has received over $30M of research funding over the past 17 years at UCLA, and is the UCLA Principal Investigator for the NIDCR funded consortium for developing regenerative medicine products for the engineering of oral and craniofacial tissues. His research and big team science on materials-cell-interactions, bioengineered devices, and tissue regeneration have produced >200 peer-reviewed articles, >10,000 citations, ~20 patents, several start-up companies, and numerous newsworthy accomplishments including the most recent launch of his engineered protein to combat osteoporosis aboard the International Space Station. He serves on numerous advisory boards for government, academia, and industry. Prof. Wu is Chief Clinical Officer and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Rodo Medical to develop novel shape memory dental implant abutments, and is working with other companies to develop advanced diagnostic tools and treatment planning software. He is a fellow of the Academy of Prosthodontics and provides patient care in complex oral rehabilitation at UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice.