Minimally Invasive Surgery for Soft Tissue and Bone Grafting around Implants


Dentists these days should always be looking for opportunities to reduce their patients pain. And find ways to do “Minimally Invasive“ procedures. The concept of minimal intervention dentistry became a primary approach to treat carious lesions. And these days this concept could be adapted to manage soft tissue, bone grafting and implants as a “Minimally Invasive Technique”.

Especially using high magnification loups and microscopes, this Minimally Invasive Technique makes it possible to achieve satisfying esthetic results as well as biological success.

And more and more patients desire these minimally invasive techniques over conventional techniques.
In my presentation, I will show very advanced cases of traumatic soft and hard tissue wounds on the maxillary anterior region, and implant esthetic complications, as well as sinus floor elevation with “Horizontal Mail Box Design”.

I would like to enlighten dental practitioners in order to help them in the implementation of modern concepts into everyday surgical practice by showing my cases with Minimally Invasive Technique. I hope the application of the concept may offer a powerful option to esthetic dentists to provide less invasive treatment to their patients.

Curriculum Vitae

Takuya Satoh, Japan

1998: Graduated Osaka Dental University. Worked at Osaka University Division for Interdisciplinary Dentistry.
2003: Completed PhD at Osaka University
2005: UCLA Periodontology Preceptorship. Worked at Dr. Sascha Jovanovic's Office as a Surgical Assistant Doctor
2006: Opened Dental Implant Center of Osaka.

Club GP President
Adjunct Professor of Osaka Dental University School of Dental Technology
Specialist of Japan Prosthodontic of Society
Specialist of Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
Specialist of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology
Board Member of Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
Board Member of Japan Academy of Digital Dentistry
Member of Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry
Global Institute for Dental Education Faculty Member
Member of European Association for Osseointegration.